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I'd like to write some stories soon, but I want to reread the HP books first. If you'd like me to beta anything of yours I'd be glad for the practice [is an English major].

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I first chose this username because of a character named Callisto from Xena the Warrior Princess.

It became Callistianstar through my love of Greek Myths.

In Greek mythology, Callisto was a nymph of Artemis. Transformed into a bear by Zeus and set among the stars, she was the bear-mother of the Arcadians, through her son Arcas. (from Wikipedia)
Harry Potter. Harry/Draco is my OTP for this fandom, but I read just about anything.

Merlin. Merlin/Arthur = OTP. I also love Morgana/Gwen, Morgana/Uther, and Merlin/Freya.

Supernatural = Castiel/Dean

Max/Alec from Dark Angel

Also a fan of Lovely Complex, Xxxholic, Tsubasa Chronicles, Hey Arnold, Hercules, and Xena (of course).
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